The European Commission will only reimburse one participant per Member State (it does not concern Speakers).


How to complete and submit your expenses claim :

If you are entitled to claim expenses, you can only submit your claim AFTER the meeting has been  held and the meeting organiser has confirmed your attendance.

You will receive an email and a notification telling you that the meeting organiser has confirmed  your attendance.

Click on the link in the email to access AGM and log in using your ECAS account.

Go to the meeting list and click ‘Expenses claim’. This will be in ‘Draft’ status next to the meeting for which your attendance has been confirmed.

If you don’t start the reimbursement process after this email, you will receive a reminder 10 and 20 days after the meeting assistant closes the meeting. Remember, the submission deadline of the expense claim is 30 days, after reaching the 30 days the claim will be considered as foregone (You have foregone the expense claim or the claim submission deadline has been reached) and cannot be submitted anymore.

If you have not yet entered your bank account details, you will see the message ‘please enter bank account details’ next to the expenses claim.

The summary page gives an overview of the meeting details, the bank account to be credited, the travel details and supporting documents where applicable

On the bottom of the summary page you have an option “I will NOT submit expenses claim”

By using this option you can indicate that you don’t want to claim the expense, preventing any notification still related to this expense claim. You will be prompted to enter a justification message about the reason you don’t want to be reimbursed and the expense claim status will change in “Forgone”.

Once all your expenses are entered into the system, you can select Submit expenses claim. The claim will then be automatically sent for approval and payment.

You will find the step-by-step procedure by clicking on the FAQ button in AGM (Front Office manual)