The Palace of Culture Iași


Designed in the spirit of the communal palaces in Western Europe, the Place in the center of the city of Iaşi is the most important achievement of the neogothic style on the territory of Romania. The edifice is considered a true ”swan song” of the 19th century romantic architecture. The Palace of Culture is distinguished through its magnificent monumentality, admirably valued by the surrounding space, which allows the edifice to freely outline its contours against the background of the Bucium gentle hills. Being a remarkable architectural achievement, the edifice became a true effigy of the old capital of Moldavia.

The celebrity of the edifice has also been favored by the fact that it was built on a privileged place, which has a considerable symbolic significance: the Palace inherited the position of the former Princely Court, the place where the supreme power was put into practice, where the history of Moldavia was made for five centuries. The city was designed so that the main streets would take the passenger’s steps towards this central point. Such a place required an exceptional architectural monument, the most beautiful of the old capital.